Wardrobe Considerations

Choosing your wardrobe is the most important aspect of your glamour session preparation. Finding outfits that help you look and feel sexy will boost your confidence and get you psyched for the shoot. Because this process is so integral to the success of your images, plan accordingly and your efforts will be rewarded.

There are many ideas to begin with, but perhaps the most obvious is choosing that one outfit your partner loves to see you in. Or in that same vein, is there an outfit which always brings out your inner confidence? Those are two places to start.

Don't fall into the trap of believing only lingerie is sexy. Consider casual wear such as boxer shorts, an over-sized T-shirt, your partner's work clothes, sexy jeans and a bra, corsets, push-up bras, sports jerseys, etc. You might also consider professional business suits or evening gowns. Be sure to accessorize; jewelry, hats, gloves and such can go a long way toward completing that perfect look. Hosiery is always a nice touch but I advise you to choose nylons with garter belts instead of thigh highs as the later will often create pressure marks on your skin. Venetian, masquerade and party masks are other popular means to accent your look; they add a mysterious, alluring quality that heightens the appeal of glamour imagery.

The maxim "dress for success" is especially true with a glamour photo session. High end retailers such as those listed on the Resources page provide many fine examples. Shopping for your outfits should begin several weeks in advance especially if ordering from an online source. And if buying clothes online make sure it's an item you're certain will be flattering to your figure. It might look beautiful on a runway model from a professional website, but for the 99.9% of the rest of us, maybe not as much. If in doubt, try it on first.

Though new outfits are always preferred, previously worn garments are fine providing they're free of wear and tear, cleaned, pressed and polished. Tags should be hidden or removed, and the soles of your shoes should be clean and free of scuff marks.

Purchase and bring more outfits than you'll think you could possibly wear. We'll go through them together, determine which outfits look best, and what you don't wear can always be returned.

In the end the most important thing is to trust your instincts, let your imagination run free, and have fun in the process.


Visit my Resources page listing online retailers for clothing, make-up, and fashion tips.

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